Fable Food Launches at Doughboy Pizza


Whether you're a vegetarian, flexitarian or even a die-hard meat-lover - listen up!

Did you say Fable meat?

Yes. You've got to give this a try!

As a true meat lover myself, I debate giving it up all the time. I've seen the latest documentries on health, environment and animal cruelty. But to miss out on that yummy flavour, I just can't make the switch.

But, wait till you try one of these pizzas. Made predominantly from shiitake mushrooms Fable has the taste and texture of meat, but minimally processed, a short natural ingredient list and all-around good for you and good for the planet. What's not to love, Meat-lovers? <3

Read more about Fable here: fablefood.co

We use Fable on our Fable Meat-lovers pizza and Fable Peri Peri. You can also substitute any meat-pizza with Fable.

Order your fix of Fable Meat now on our website! 

Doughboy Pizza Artarmon
Doughboy Pizza North Bondi

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