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Take Away Pizza Stanhope Gardens

We are very excited to be delivering takeaway pizza in Stanhope Village this month.

DOUGHBOY PIZZA started in 2001, by some Bondi Boys who wanted to create the ‘perfect’ pizza. After months of late nights, trialling pizza after pizza, the humble North Bondi Village DOUGHGOY Pizza opened, and is still serving their local followers today!

The cult following grew and so did their needs. The local customer started to understand good food choice, and wanted more organic, and locally sourced products. We wanted to find a more desirable food offering that was ‘healthy’, looked after your insides and your gut.

Once again, the Bondi boys got back to work. Late nights of perfecting their take away Pizza.

DOUGHBOY PIZZA now offers your pizza base in Spelt, Organic or Gluten Free.
Developing the perfect pizza base meant whatever your needs were nutritionally, or if you are allergy sensitive, DOUGHBOY can combat.

Our freshest locally sourced ingredients, organic and free range meats, plus our Pizza Base offerings, makes DOUGHBOY Pizza suitable for everyone. Our delicious menu and salads, engineered to perfection means you and your family can eat your favourite Take out, and is now healthy!

Delicious, Freshest Produce, and Healthy bases delivered to Stanhope Gardens and surrounds.

For pizza delivery Stanhope, Doughboy is your answer.

17A/2 Sentry Drive
Stanhope Village Shopping Centre
Stanhope Gardens 2768
02 8883 5588

Delivery and pick up, Online and telephone ordering – or 02 8883 5588

We are very excited to open at Stanhope Village......

takeaway pizza stanhope